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Aug. 7th, 2010

phone in the verdict


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"... Hey. This is Cloud. Leave a message."


ooc note: Cloud canonly never answers his phone. He always lets it go directly to voice mail. So the same applies in game canon. o/

Apr. 18th, 2010

This guy are sick.


Exaaaactly what it says on the tin. HOW'S MY DRIVING for one Cloud Strife, and I don't mean motorcycle driving. blablabla anon is on IP logging is off. ... Screening isn't on for SCIENCE.

You guys I am playing Cloud Strife on the Internet I am so happy so happy you guys!!!

Apr. 17th, 2010

siddown and drink your goddamn tea


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Apr. 16th, 2010

OOC: why was there lard in the tea

random headcanon facts?


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-9998 HP

RE: DIRGE OF CERBERUS and other related bullshittery

FIRST, I'D LIKE TO NOTE THAT I HAVE NOW PLAYED DIRGE OF CERBERUS. (Well. Part of it. I made my girlfriend suffer through most of it so I could laugh at her.) This means that, if I ever want to, I could technically canon update Cloud to post Dirge!

Buuuut I won't... Mostly because Cloud has an entire three scenes in Dirge, and none of them are exceedingly relevant to anything, so the only thing that would change for Cloud is SUDDENLY KNOWING WHAT DEEPGROUND IS. Honestly unless your name is Genesis, Vincent or Reeve/Cait Sith you can totally ignore the game and it will have no impact on you. Unless you're a Dirge original character. AS I AM NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS I WILL POINTEDLY IGNORE THE EVENTS OF DIRGE OF CERBERUS. I'm sorry, Dirge, you're just too terrible for me to bother.

Of course this now means the only games Cloud is in I haven't played are Before Crisis (for one mission on a cellphone game GOD SCREW YOU SQUARE) and ... Uh, Final Fantasy Tactics, if cameos count. Who's a Squeenix fag? Yes I am, yes I am.

SO BASICALLY I AM 100% ALL CANON COMPATIBLE. EVEN IF CLOUD ISN'T. :| I will not hold you in contempt if you play from Dirge.

Though I may kind of laugh at you forever.

Apr. 15th, 2010

they have a strange glow


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Apr. 14th, 2010

If this is all a dream; don't wake me up


Yes, it is gratuitous French. I'm allowed because I am French too. ANYWAY. It's the lyrics of a song called "Le Petit Roi", originally by Jean-Pierre Ferland even though I never hear his version on the radio.

original lyrics go hereCollapse )

Now for a translated version because I can since I am majoring in translation, and also because I think this song sorta fits Cloud kinda

translated versionCollapse )

THE TITLE OF CLOUD'S JOURNAL is bolded in both versions. ANYWAY THIS IS A SONG THAT, IF TAKEN IN A SOMEWHAT LITERAL WAY, I FIND FITS CLOUD. Lol he used to have Sephiroth in his head, lol. :| Also, I cared more about being faithful than lyrical on those lyrics. Nyeh.


Apr. 13th, 2010

Yeah; you're the slum drunk...



Name: Zia
Are you over 16?: y
Personal LJ: rainbowlasers
Email: ziakuroku@gmail.com
Timezone: EST
Other contact: AIM: ChibiZia
msn: chibi_maxou@hotmail.com
Characters already in the game: Axel, Uchiha Sasuke
How did you find us?: well first you reminded me of an old song and then I got drunk and stayed here for some reason


Character name: Cloud Strife
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Timeline: Post-AC, pre-Dirge aka post emo cancer, pre horrible game he's in for all of ten seconds
Age: 23 (24 as of gargle canon!)
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Cloud is the only one on the entire planet who can take on Sephiroth one-on-one and not die. This actually makes him pretty badass!

Equipped with the right materia, Cloud can do anything from healing himself to setting shit on fire to reviving a knocked-out ally to SUMMONING THE THIRTEEN KNIGHTS FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL TO BRING WRATH ON HIS ENEMIES to luring Chocobos. Cloud won't have all his materia with him on the ship, though. Outside of magic, Cloud is still a giant badass.

Because he has been given enough Mako to poison a normal human being into oblivion (twice) AND he's full of Jenova cells, Cloud is stronger, faster and more agile than a normal human being. Cloud fights with a sword called Tsurugi which can be split into 6 smaller swords or ... something. He can completely ignore the fuck out of gravity thank you advent children and jump from BUILDING TO BUILDING, SLASHING UP STUFF AS HE GOES. His most powerful sword attack is his Limit Break, Omnislash, which lets him go rave party mode on your ass and go faster than the naked eye can see to REPEATEDLY STAB YOU UNTIL YOU DIE. Yeah that's pretty much it except for his ability to be stabbed, exploded and shot at and STILL NEVER DIE.

(There's a list of all his actual attacks/equipment/materia on his journal here if you want useless details.)

How would they use their abilities?: TO PROTECT INNOCENTS, DESTROY MONSTERS, BEAT UP SEPHIROTH wait he still isn't here and you know generally be awesome. He's a (theoretical) hero!
Appearance: Cloud is 5'7" (note: THIS IS HILARIOUS) with ridiculously spiky blond hair and glowing blue eyes. Like, literally glowing. You can notice the glow from a few feet away, supposedly. On the useless details category, his left ear is pierced. He's also rather built, what with... swinging a giant sword around all the time.

Clothing wise, Cloud first wears a black ... sweater-vest thing with a zipper because this is Square and a popped collar. He is rocking that popped collar. Oh yeah! Two belts criss-cross the shirt ... because this is Square, one of which connects to his scabbard. He also wears black leather gloves, cargo black pants, black shoulder plate with a metal wolf... thing... on his left shoulder that serves no purpose whatsoever and a black... half-sarong, also on his left side. Aaand black combat boots with zippers. The last thing of note is a pinkish-red ribbon tied around his left bicep as a tribute to Aerith. Note: Cloud rips off his USELESS LEFT SLEEVE in AC, so he doesn't have that on the ship.

see toy model for details. ... What. Basically: CLOUD WEARS A PRETTY BASIC RIDICULOUS SQUARE OUTFIT. All in black, because no one wears colors in their new Advent Children outfits except for Cid. :|

Background/Personality: Once upon a time, in a tiny mountain village named Nibelheim that had nothing going for it except for a Mako Reactor (draining the lifeforce of the planet one lightbulb at a time!) and an abandoned mansion, a socially inept boy was born. His name was Cloud Strife and his dad was dead. Baww. He was neighbors with this girl, Tifa Lockhart, but they were never really friends because even before his mental trauma Cloud sucked at people. Note: Not sucked people. Sucked at people. Cloud disliked the other kids in Nibelheim like all five of them except for Tifa (who he had a crush on) because he was SO MUCH BETTER than all those OTHER STUPID KIDS, really. Why won't you liiiiike meeeee. Then, when Cloud was around nine, Tifa's mom died and she decided to explore the mountains because no one had made it to the other side alive and her mom was dead so she had to be there! Tifa is retarded. Cloud followed her all the way on the mountain while the other kids ran away like sissy cowards psht it's just a death mountain and in the end Tifa got horribly injured because Cloud failed to save her from falling, the entire village blamed Cloud for the whole affair and Tifa's dad was like CLOUD YOU ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED NEAR 700 HUNDRED FEET OF MY DAUGHTER EVEN THOUGH THE VILLAGE ITSELF IS PROBABLY ONLY AROUND 300 FEET MAX. Cloud blamed his own weakness for Tifa's injury/coma and started getting anger issues, starting fights with everyone, no matter who it was or even why. This was pretty much the only human interaction he had outside of his mom for a few years.

When Cloud was around 13/14, he learned of Sephiroth, the most badass General SOLDIER in the history of badass General SOLDIERs (note: there was actually no previous history of badass general SOLDIERs)! Cloud wanted to be strong, and so he resolved to go to Midgar, the only actual metropolis on this entire planet, and join the SOLDIER program (basically a group of elite trained fighters injected with this world's equivalent of poisoned steroids and some alien abomination genes here and there but that's totally not important or anything). Before leaving for THE CITY to BECOME A HERO like OMFG SEPHIROTH <3, he calls Tifa to the well in the middle of the night further establishing his reputation as "that one weirdo who stalks me" to tell her what he plans to do. Tifa listens and, for her part, makes him promise to come back and save her if she's ever in trouble once he becomes a hero. You're all insane.

Unfortunately, once Cloud gets to Midgar at the ripe age of fourteen, he's rejected from the SOLDIER program. This rejection may or may not have something to do with Shin-Ra refusing to let barely pubescent kids with monstrous issues into anything, especially not after suffering Genesis for years. Shinra is however nice enough to enlist him as a regular infantryman in the army. Congratulations! You are now a NAMELESS MOOK!

His nameless mook infantryman days are pretty boring until he and a few other grunts are asked to accompany a Turk and a SOLDIER 1st class on a mission in Modeoheim, an abandoned city somewhere in the mountains. After they crash the helicopter somewhere in the mountains (but not in Modeoheim because that would be convenient), Cloud and the SOLDIER 1st class, Zack, start to bond over their common country-boy backgrounds. It's really, really cute. After that mission where Cloud tried very, very hard to help and wasn't really that successful, Zack inspires Cloud, telling him to not give up on his dream of becoming SOLDIER.

After that, Cloud sees Zack sparsely on missions here and there, mostly while he is in embarrassing positions like being sick everywhere fuck you, motion sickness or just being a Shinra Infantrymen, who are seriously renown for their uselessness. Nevertheless, they are friends, and Zack easily becomes Cloud's role model. Zack Zack you're so cool Zack love me Zack >w<

Then, one day, Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth and another unimportant mook are sent on a mission to Cloud's hometown, Nibelheim, because apparently dangerous monsters have appeared around the reactor. Cloud is embarrassed by his failure to enter SOLDIER (at sixteen Cloud what the hell), and hides his face with his mook mask for the entire visit. Tifa acts as their guide and Cloud is very determined to NOT SHOW HIS FACE EVER WHAT WOULD SHE SAAAY. Cloud also invites Zack to eat dinner with him and his mom, because going back alone would be embarrassing.

They are so straight.

Only, the regular check-up to the Nibelheim reactor becomes horrible when Sephiroth finds out his mom was an evil alien being named Jenova and goes completely batshit. He sets Nibelheim on fire, kills pretty much everyone and then goes on his merry way to the reactor. At said reactor, he stabs Tifa, who was trying to get revenge for her father's death, and defeats Zack, who was trying to stop him. Cloud is horrified and angered that Sephiroth would do that to his mother and Tifa and Zack and goes to fight Sephiroth. He gets in a lucky shot with Zack's Buster Sword, stabbing the man in the back. Sephiroth is unhappy about being skewered in half and stabs Cloud back when Cloud tries to attack him again, telling him not to push his luck. Cloud then summons strength from SOMEWHERE, grabs Sephiroth's giant sword while still skewered with it, lifts Sephiroth up in the air and throws him down the reactor and into the lifestream. Note: Ow.

Cloud collapses because frankly being skewered hurts. While he's asleep, Shinra moves in, and Professor Hojo, aka the guy responsible for everything wrong in this series, decides that Zack and Cloud would make beautiful test subjects. Because why not.

FOR APPROXIMATELY FOUR YEARS give a couple of months, Zack and Cloud are used in Hojo's experiments in the basement of the Shinra mansion. Cloud undergoes the same transformation that most SOLDIER 1st class would, and then Hojo picks at his mind until it collapses unto itself due to Mako poisoning and the Jenova genes being fucking bitches. Hojo loses interest and Zack manages to bust them both out. He then spends like nine months dragging Cloud around and talking to him, trying to shake him out of his mako poisoning while dodging the Shinra who heard of their escape and wish to capture them. About five kilometers next to Midgar, Zack's ultimate destination (he really wanted to see his girlfriend okay), the entire freakin' Shinra army catches up to them. Zack manages to fight most of them off but he's ultimately shot dead. Like. Fifty times. They leave Cloud for dead because he's a potato and potatoes can't live on their own.

Cloud, witness to the entire massacre, manages to crawl towards Zack (and stop being a potato). In his last few seconds, a blood-soaked Zack entrusts the Buster Sword to Cloud, and tells him that his legacy will live on inside Cloud, before finally dying. After some time Cloud, deeply distressed, scrambles to his feet, Buster Sword in hand, and begins trudging off towards Midgar. His final words to Zack were, "Goodnight, Zack". I hate this game.

Sometime after arriving in Midgar though, Cloud's fragile mind shatters due to the combined effects of Jenova, Hojo's experimentations, the trauma of Zack's death and the mako poisoning. (Also his life sucking in general really.) When Tifa finds him next to the train station, Cloud mixes up his memories of Zack, his ideal self and Tifa's memories of him to create a new persona for himself. (It makes sense in context. ... Apparently. Shut up.) Like this, Cloud takes Zack's place inside his own memory, making himself the SOLDIER 1st class. He forgets about the experiments he endured for five years and even imprints some of Zack's mannerisms as his own. He takes up Zack's plan of becoming a mercenary, which Zack had told him while he was in his vegetable state, meaning he was aware of what went on when he was like that. Even though he was a potato.

Since Cloud has the same abilities any other SOLDIER 1st class would have and wears something resembling the uniform (Zack dressed him up because his clothes were soaked with mako and that is not good for your health), everyone believes his claim. AND SO EVERYONE IS DELUSIONAL TOGETHER! Including Shinra itself way to keep track of your SOLDIERS, Shinra.

Tifa asks Cloud to join AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist organization trying to stop Shinra's efforts to harvest mako because that is not good for the planet. (Shinra reactors are like vampires sucking at the planet's blood. A++) Cloud accepts and helps AVALANCHE explode Mako Reactor 1 and later on Mako Reactor 5, causing hundreds of death and billions in damage. YAY TERRORISM. SURELY THIS WILL NOT COME BACK TO BITE US IN THE ASS. After the destruction of Mako Reactor 5, Cloud falls into the Slums of Sector 5 into an abandoned church. This is where he meets Aerith, who proceeds to top the hell out of him and asks him to be her bodyguard to protect her from Shinra. Aerith accompanies him back to sector 7 and Tifa's bar (... never mind that she asked HIM to protect HER), only for them both to find out Tifa let herself be captured by a pimp to get information.

Since only girls can gain access to said pimp's mansion, Aerith informs Cloud he has to crossdress. It is the only way. ... No, I'm serious. After successfully making a drag-queen out of Cloud and rescuing Tifa, they learn that Shinra is planning to drop the plate holding up sector 7 onto its slums to destroy AVALANCHE. (Shinra corp.: Because We're Assholes.)

Cloud, Tifa and Barret (the AVALANCHE leader and Cloud's black husband) try to stop this from happening, but the plate is dropped and everyone dies and Shinra blames it all on AVALANCHE. The assholes. Meanwhile, Aerith is captured trying to protect Barret's daughter. AWESOME. Cloud&co move on to infiltrate the Shinra corporation and save Aerith. There, they find the headless remains of Sephiroth's "mom" (Sephiroth having taken the head with him when he fell into the reactor because he's... insane) and meet a "dog" named Red XIII, who helps them save Aerith instead of mating with her like Hojo asked.

(Have I mentioned Hojo is a fucking psychopath? Just. Really.)

The group is captured, but Cloud wakes up in the middle of the night to find his prison cell door has been opened. The party moves on to see the entire Shinra building full of blood and blood and dead people, and following the trail of blood and dead people to the top why would you ever they find President Shinra, skewered by Sephiroth's sword. Also Jenova escaped. Apparently. Even though it's a headless godbitch. Rufus Shinra (the president's son) then introduces himself to the party, declaring himself the new president who will rule through feaaar <3 <3 instead of greed. This is not an improvement. The party manages to escape Midgar in a pick-up minigame. Though Cloud gets his own motorcycle because he is badass.

In Kalm, Cloud tells the story of Nibelheim as he remembers it (aka: with himself as Zack) and the party decides to follow Sephiroth's trail since his aura pretty much screams endboss villain. The party travels the world after Sephiroth, fucking with Shinra's plan along the way, meeting up with Yuffie (who is a ninja) and Cait Sith (who is a ... cat... puppet... on a... giant... toy... moogle...????). They get to Cosmo Canyon, where Red XIII's grandfather (... not biological) explains about the planet and the Lifestream and the negative effects Shinra's drilling for Mako is having on them. Basically: PLANET'S DYING CLOUD.

When the party gets to Nibelheim however, things get weird. The entire town is completely normal, as if nothing had ever happened. You know except for the whole NO ONE HERE ARE PEOPLE WE KNOW FROM NIBELHEIM. Tifa and Cloud are all WTF, but move on. Because clearly conspiracy theories are for other people. The party meets Vincent I-Am-Emo Valentine in the basement of the Shinra mansion, who decides to join their party once they mention Sephiroth, what with him being Vincent's ex-girlfriend's son. Sephiroth uses this opportunity to tell Cloud he should go to the "Reunion". Making sense is not for this game.

The party gets to Rocket Town, gains Cid "^#$#@$%!" Highwind as last party member all the while fucking with Shinra. Again. (LOL We got ur plane!!11) The group learns of a Keystone which is supposedly the key to the Temple of the Ancients which is where Sephiroth is headed, and so they get it at the Gold Saucer. Cloud goes on a date with [INSERT PARTY MEMBER HERE] and then Cait Sith crashes it and reveals himself to be a spy for Shinra (no shit, it's a fucking controlled puppet) and steals the Keystone, handing it over to Shinra. A++ party.

They travel to the temple of the Ancients and get back the Keystone. Then after a lot of player mindfucking what is going on is this real life or is this a fantasy, Cloud finds Sephiroth, (or well hears him in his head IT WAS A MINDFUCK OKAY is this real life does everyone else see the floating sephiroth) who reveals his plan to call the ultimate black magic, Meteor, which will deal a critical wound to the planet. The Lifestream will then emerge to heal this wound, and Sephiroth will absorb its energy, becoming a God. (Long story short, Sephiroth is insane and his one true dream is to become just like his mommy. IDK)

Sephiroth leaves as Cloud discovers the temple ITSELF is the Black Materia Sephiroth needs to call Meteor. Cait Sith sacrifices himself to get it (and no one cares), but Sephiroth returns, and because Cloud has been injected with Jenova cells, Sephiroth can control Cloud, and so Cloud hands him the Black Materia. And then he beats up Aerith while brain controlled. BEST HERO EVER!!!!

Cloud faints afterward, and Aerith appears to him in a dream claiming only she can stop Sephiroth. Somehow. Aerith doesn't deem it important to share that info. When Cloud regains consciousness, Aerith has left, and Cloud&party decides to go see what the fuck she means because shit don't make sense no more.

The party travels to the Forgotten City, and they find Aerith praying for something. Cloud goes whacko and almost kills Aerith but manages to stop himself in time, only for Sephiroth to DROP DOWN FROM THE CEILING LIKE A FUCKING BAT and skewer her in a scene so iconic all FF7 cosplayers make fun of it at least once. Cloud is enraged, Sephiroth escapes, and the rest of the party mourns.

After this, Cloud admits to the party that he's kind of mind-controlled by Sephiroth sometimes but STICK WITH HIM it's COOL we can DO IT it won't be a problem AT ALL. The party travels to the Northern Crater (which is where Sephiroth plans on summoning meteor), and Cloud momentarily regains the Black Materia. Then he gives it to someone else because he already gave it away once he is NOT DOING THAT AGAIN, HA. They then find the center of the crater, where Sephiroth appears and tries to mindfuck Cloud about his existence by showing him Zack and having Tifa be so, so awkward about it all. Shinra arrives afterwards, and Professor Hojo reveals his Jenova Reunion Theory that Cloud is a part of. AKA: All the people he put Jenova genes into will come here and be Sephiroth's bitches.

Cloud ends up believing he was entirely created by Hojo and that even his name and memories of being Tifa's childhood friend belong to someone else. The shock of his past being fake, combined with Hojo's revelations and accusations, shatters Cloud's mind. Again. Boy needs duct tape or something. He takes back the Black Materia and hands it to Sephiroth, who activates it. ... thanks hero.

After Cloud apologizes to Tifa for being a fake, the crater gets an earthquake. The party escapes and then Cloud falls into the lifestream BECUASE YOU KNOW THE BOY NEEDED MORE MAKO IN HIS SYSTEM TO MAKE HIM EVEN MORE FUCKED UP!!!

Surfacing at Mideel approximately a week later, Cloud is again suffering from Mako poisoning, so now his dialogue consists of "Uuu... agh...". (Not much of a difference from usual, really.)

Tifa stays to care for him while the rest of the party fights Shinra, who is risking a dangerous attempt to stop the Meteor that is now coming to the planet. Then there's another earthquake, and Tifa and Cloud fall into the lifestream. And they end up in Cloud's subconscious.

... Miiindfuck.

Tifa helps Cloud piece his own mind and history together through a series of exceedingly long flashbacks, and the truth about Zack finally comes out. And also we learn that Cloud's brain is a nightmare, but that's irrelevant.

Now restored to his true and awkward self, Cloud becomes the leader of the party again. With help from Red XIII's grandpa, they discover Aerith had managed to summon Holy just before Sephiroth killed her; the ultimate white magic, it could stop Meteor, but Sephiroth is holding it back. By being a douche.

After fucking with the Shinra one last time to stop them from doing MORE STUPID SHIT and you know kill Hojo that's necessary, the group goes to the now-open Northern Crater and descends into the depths of the planet to confront Sephiroth. The party defeats his physical form, but Sephiroth's mind goes back to the lifestream because he is special like that. Cloud's own mind follows him there and they have a battle of will, which Cloud ultimately wins. (Or something. All I remember is Omnislashing a shirtless Sephiroth.)

Cloud is returned to his body by Aerith and the party escape the crater moments before Holy emerges to fight Meteor. Aerith conducts the lifestream to help Holy and EVERYBODY WINS METEOR IS DEFEATED THE END.

... TWO YEARS PASS and the consequences of Jenova and Meteor and the Lifestream coming out to stop both of these is that a good percentage of the population now suffers from Geostigma, a disease which makes your body ROT FROM THE INSIDE and depresses you. That sucks. Cloud also suffers from it. That sucks more. Cloud and Tifa are taking care of Denzel (an abandoned boy suffering from Geostigma Cloud found in the ruins of Midgar) and Marlene (Barret's daughter) in a bar in Edge, a city built on... the edge of Midgar. Duh. Cloud is a delivery boy now. :Db

Remnants of Sephiroth are trying to get their mom back because Oedipus complexes are cool! They harass Cloud, Cloud emoes, they kidnap children, Cloud angsts, Rufus is still alive, Cloud doesn't care, Aerith (in Cloud's head... while he's driving...), Tifa AND VINCENT tell him to get over himself and Cloud decides to fight those stupid remnants head-on because they are seriously annoying. And also angsting because of emo cancer takes too much effort.

After beating up pretty much all three Sephiroth-wannabes, (WHILE ON A MOTORCYCLE), their leader fuses with Jenova's head/cells and becomes Sephiroth it makes sense in context... actually no it doesn't. Cloud and Sephiroth fight one-on-one again, Cloud is then preeeeeetty much skewered, Zack becomes an apparition and gives Cloud a peptalk and then Cloud, once again, surprises Sephiroth by skewering him when he least expects it. (Omnislash, bitch.)

The remnants all die, Loz and Yazoo trying to take Cloud with them, but then AERITH HAPPENS and Cloud wakes up in the church, all honky-dory. The children are saved, Aerith gave the world a cure for Geostigma and Cloud feels less guilty about her death now! :D And also Dirge never happened for him.

WHY? WELL THAT'S BECAUSE CLOUD WENT ON A SPACESHIP once the Planet kicked them out and left straight into an incoming meteor. On the ship Cloud decides to not give up even though the Planet is gone. Zack and Aerith come back to life and Cloud is happy forever even though he feels kinda bad for it! And then THINGS HAPPEN like Sephiroth not being crazy!crazy just mildly odd!crazy, so Cloud has to try to get along with him even when Sephiroth believes being naked with Cloud is an excellent idea. Cloud makes a bunch of new friends (Richezza, Fai, a bunch of people who dropped) and gets a bunch of very stupid job including delivery and whatnot. He also fought a very special plant with a bunch of people, found materia with Richezza, thought him how to use it and then I stopped playing him!!


Personality wise, Cloud is awkward. He has a lot of issues (what with his precious people ALWAYS DYING and spending most of his adolescence in a FREAKING TUBE) and he's so socially inept it's kind of funny. All in all, though, Cloud's a loyal friend who has learned to cherish everything and has a terrible sense of humor. He's generally selfless and kind, and never wants to burden people with his iiissues or his paiiiin. He can be kind of broody, too.

But I maintain explaining Cloud in one word is always: awkward.

Have you read up on how the game works?: Yes! Cloud can get credits by selling his body on the streets working missions and the Guide is powered by FlamingFerret. Cloud can still sell his body on the street, though.

1st person sample: ... The Planet's gone. ... Just like that? It... doesn't seem real.

If this is a dream, I'd rather wake up. It's a lousy one. I... We did our best. All this time. It's weird that something other than Sephiroth or Shinra would be the end of it.

Maybe it was inevitable. But... I always thought we'd go with the Planet. ...

Can you hear me? Guys? I... If you're still here... I want to fight to get it back. We've worked too long for it to just give up now, right? So... Let's do it. It'll be fine. We can do this.

... That's what she'd want me to say. Tifa... Please be here, too. You told me I didn't have to fight alone. I don't... want to fight alone, either.

3rd person sample: Alright. Back up. He needed to figure out how he'd gotten in this position.

He'd been on his way to make a delivery in Junon. He hadn't run into anything much. Fenrir had been going too fast for most monsters to follow. And then, he'd turned left on the road and...

Straight into a wall.

No, that still didn't make sense. Where was he? This wasn't one of the visions Aerith gave him when she wanted to talk to him. It was very real. He wouldn't find himself driving his motorcycle still if he looked back.

Cloud almost wished he would though. That'd make more sense than the paperwork he'd just filled up. Or the alien glaring at him now. (Was it glaring? It was hard to tell with all that slime.)

"... Uh," Cloud started, not really sure what to say. "Sorry I crashed into your wall."

It hadn't seemed a big deal when the first thing the alien did was send him in line to fill up paperwork -- more paperwork than Cloud had ever filled in his life, actually-- but somehow now it seemed ready to kill him. Cloud scratched the back of his neck in a nervous gesture.

"... It didn't seem to bother you five minutes ago."

"That's because you hadn't filled up the Eligible for Complaint paperwork yet!"


Cloud was never drinking anything Marlene made him ever again. This was bizarre, even for Cloud's standards. He shrugged. Well, there was always one way to get out of this.

"... I don't think I've filled that one out yet."

Well, that shut the alien up.

Questions?: why do I have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to Cloud's time in this place?? also YES I KNOW I JUST DROPPED HIM SHUT UP
Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: y