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RE: DIRGE OF CERBERUS and other related bullshittery

FIRST, I'D LIKE TO NOTE THAT I HAVE NOW PLAYED DIRGE OF CERBERUS. (Well. Part of it. I made my girlfriend suffer through most of it so I could laugh at her.) This means that, if I ever want to, I could technically canon update Cloud to post Dirge!

Buuuut I won't... Mostly because Cloud has an entire three scenes in Dirge, and none of them are exceedingly relevant to anything, so the only thing that would change for Cloud is SUDDENLY KNOWING WHAT DEEPGROUND IS. Honestly unless your name is Genesis, Vincent or Reeve/Cait Sith you can totally ignore the game and it will have no impact on you. Unless you're a Dirge original character. AS I AM NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS I WILL POINTEDLY IGNORE THE EVENTS OF DIRGE OF CERBERUS. I'm sorry, Dirge, you're just too terrible for me to bother.

Of course this now means the only games Cloud is in I haven't played are Before Crisis (for one mission on a cellphone game GOD SCREW YOU SQUARE) and ... Uh, Final Fantasy Tactics, if cameos count. Who's a Squeenix fag? Yes I am, yes I am.

SO BASICALLY I AM 100% ALL CANON COMPATIBLE. EVEN IF CLOUD ISN'T. :| I will not hold you in contempt if you play from Dirge.

Though I may kind of laugh at you forever.
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