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random headcanon facts?


1. The other kids of Nibelheim made fun of Cloud for "not having a dad" until Tifa's mom died. Because then if they did they'd be making fun of Tifa for not having a mom! And that would be mean. That didn't stop them from making fun of him for everything else, of course.

2. Cloud spent most of his time in Nibelheim helping his mom around the house; going from MANLY TASKS like gathering wood fire to... cleaning the gutters idk-- the only thing Cloud didn't help with ever was cooking. He did this stuff both because he wanted to help his mom and because he ... had no friends and playing alone got depressing.

3. He also watched Tifa play a lot. Since they were neighbors, he often heard her play her piano, too -- that's why he can play her song in Nibelheim during the game.

4. Cloud had to cut his ponytail when he entered the ShinRa troops. SOLDIERS can have longer hair, so Cloud always told himself he could grow his hair back if/when he got into SOLDIER. He's too used to short hair now to consider it, though.

5. He got his ear piercing in Midgar, to celebrate getting into the big city.

6. Cloud got into a lot of fights before becoming a trooper; most of his time spent with the other kids in Nibelheim was just brawling with them. Cloud's always been small for his age, so that was both an advantage (faster and harder to catch) and a disadvantage (not as strong). He stopped getting into fights both because his commanding officer did not tolerate that bullshit, but also because he got picked on a lot less by the other troopers. Cloud was quiet and awkward, and instead of mocking him for that most people in his troop just... ignored him. The most he got was jabs about his hair.

7. On that note, Zack was Cloud's first ever real friend. Because of that and because Zack was simply fucking inspiring (and, oh my god, a guy like that is friends with meeee), Cloud always kind of held him on a pedestal and trusted him above anyone else. AND THEN THE WHOLE NIBELHEIM THING HAPPENED and yeah, for Cloud, Zack is just... a wonderful person all around. He can't wrap his head around being stronger than Zack because it's Zack, who is just this awesome strong person who gave everything for Cloud; and Cloud's just... Cloud. It can't compare. Even if he beat Zack in a fight, that still wouldn't make him better than Zack. Zack is just... overall >>> Cloud. Forever.

8. YEAH CLOUD'S SELF-ESTEEM IS PRETTY NON-EXISTENT. He knows he's strong, physically! And he has no trouble being party leader. But his overall view of himself is pretty bad. He can't think of himself as physically attractive or a good speaker or a good person in general because it just clashes in his mind. He's just... Cloud. This is why compliments throw him off-guard. He's not being humble when he denies a compliment; he's being 100% honest. BUT even though his ego is practically dead, Cloud just concentrates on trying to be the best person he can be and ignores this. :|b s'cool.

9. ... Pretty much the only person he can recognize flirting with him is Aerith, because she's obvious, and because she's Aerith. Cloud doesn't think she's attracted to him; he just thinks it's part of her playful personality.

10. Cloud has exceedingly specific claustrophobia. He has to be stuck in a small, dark and closed space he knows he can't get out of easily that is also not moving. THANKS, HOJO. (Example: A submarine is fine so long as it does... not... get stuck.)

11. Cloud ... really isn't much of a parental figure. He gets along better with Denzel because Denzel is a boy and in general easier to handle because of that. He still adores Marlene and Marlene REALLY ADORES HIM; he just has trouble connecting with her sometimes. He'll still try his best, though, and whatever he can't handle well TIFA IS A MATERNAL PERSON LUCKILY. |D;

12. As per canon, Cloud had to learn the names of fruits and vegetables he was fetching for Tifa because he honestly didn't know what those were. This actually goes for other things, too; different cuts of meats, for example. He had to be accompanied to the marketplace A LOT, and apologized everytime even though the fact that he didn't know these things was kind of totally not his fault. a++ cloud

13. Yeah, Cloud was picked by Don Corneo. And yeah, he never wants to talk about it again. In my game, he also went into the group room of the Honeybee Inn. He got the bikini briefs! :D ... Cloud was a virgin before the whole drag incident. He'd never actually kissed a girl, even. He... may or may not have experimented with the other troopers.

14. The game implies sex between him and Tifa at the highwind before they head for the Northern Crater. Unless a Tifa expressively disagrees with me-- yeah, it happened. :|

15. AND THEN IT NEVER HAPPENED AGAIN BECAUSE WE GOT BUSY WHAT WITH THE BAR AND KIDS AND GEOSTIGMA AND CLOUD'S CRIPPLING EMO. So yeah Cloud is not a creature of a lot of sexings. He doesn't masturbate often either; fighting takes out a lot of build-up. :)

16. His date was with Aerith! BECAUSE. I GOT HER WITHOUT TRYING IN MY PLAYTHROUGH. Also he owed her one and that makes me feel better in general.

17. The ship is fun for Cloud because it's SO VERY FAR AWAY FROM JENOVA that the jenova genes are actually pretty quiet. Usually it's like an annoying buzz at the back of his head (because as per canon Jenova wants her genes back). She doesn't "speak" to him like she does Sephiroth or his remnants, but yeah, it's like white noise at the back of his head. It's easy enough to ignore when he doesn't have Geostigma or Sephiroth going HEY CLOUD HEY CLOUD around him.

18. Cloud's managed to shake off a lot of Zack's mannerisms since he remembered him; the only one he can't shake off at ALL is the head scratch. It didn't matter much back home, but when Zack's around Cloud really notices "This is his, this is something you took from him". It makes him feel guilty. :|

19. Cloud knows how to snowboard because it's not that unusual a sport in Nibelheim during winter, and he got chocobo racing explained to him. I have no idea where he learned to ride a motorcycle. DO TROOPERS GET MOTORCYCLES? My headcanon is either he learned in the army or by "watching" Zack ride it when he had mako poisoning.

20. Cloud is a visual learner. This is partially why he's better with swords than guns; watching someone shoot a gun tells you nothing of their technique, and anyway ShinRa troopers in general can't aim.
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